Artist Statement

"I love to try to capture the spirit and personality of each of the horses that I create. Some have a very calm, gentle manner while others are much more active and dramatic. The challenge is to see beyond physical characteristics and to create art works that capture the essence, the soul, of the equine spirit. That is the challenge of all artists: to create powerful works that portray to others the very spirit of their subject, whatever that subject may be, and go beyond the obvious to give life to their art.”
Bill Snyder was born in south Florida, attended the University of Florida on a football scholarship, and later received a bachelor of fine arts degree from East Tennessee State University. His master's and doctoral work was in Public Administration at Florida Atlantic University. After 32 years in public education as an art teacher, senior high principal and district executive, he retired, in 1990 to purse his dream of working full time creating one-of-a-kind art works. Bill primarily creates wood sculptures and oil paintings, and is honored to have work in private collections throughout the United States. Utilizing his fine arts background and lifelong fascination with the look and feel of wood, he has designed and created numerous full sized carousel houses, but, over the past ten years, has gradually shifted emphasis to designing equine subjects that focus on the beauty and excitement of real horses.